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Confession in the Fire Swamp, Day of Reckoning

Dread Pirate Roberts (nonchalantly) : “Good work Wesley. Sleep well. I’ll most likely kill you in the morning.”

Prince Humperdinck (smugly) : ” I always think everything could be a trap — which is why I’m still alive.”

In another scene, Inigo Montoya, (wronged by Count Rugen and diagnosed by the same as having an “over-developed sense of vengeance”), has his day of reckoning with this m0ntra: “Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die.


  1. Michael Atkinson wrote:

    You bum!!! You didn’t tell me about what happened at work last week … and now Damon has joined you on The Other Side … I’m so sad, you guys better stay in touch …

    Friday, May 23, 2008 at 6:39 pm | Permalink
  2. Iver Anderson wrote:

    I think you forgot the part where he says sleep well. You know: ” Good work, sleep well, and I’ll most likely kill you in the morning”

    Monday, June 2, 2008 at 7:26 pm | Permalink
  3. Anderson wrote:

    This was my veiled attempt to predict the future. Like a cold sore coming on, my spidey senses were tingling about the villany about to be unleashed on me.

    It was a feeling more ominous than the one I felt daily when leaving work that sounded something like this: “Good-bye Brian. Good work. We’ll most likely fire you in the morning.” For over a year I learned any valuable skill that anyone would teach me, just to stay alive (corporate viablility).

    Looking back, it is gratifying to see that my intuition was spot on and that my integrity kept me out of reach as long as it did.

    Thursday, June 26, 2008 at 10:42 pm | Permalink

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