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Prop 8 the Musical

Prop 8 the musical Now I’m offended. 1. It wasn’t the grouping of being “black, a girl, or gay” (:00:12-:00:16) that did it. I understand what is being implied. I’m not sure that straight black men and women appreciate being grouped with gays. I hope to get an opinion or two from that demographic in the comments […]

Dancing with the Scars DWTS

Although I don’t watch Dancing with the Stars, there is chatter about topics Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT). This means that sometime soon I will field questions from my teens and tweens about it. Not that my kids watch DWTS, but their classmates, classmate’s parents and/or teachers will have watched and another virus will be […]

What Do You See?

XANAX ONLINEGeneric VIAGRAadderall onlineLEVITRA The footage and soundtrack impress upon me an indelible notion of beauty. Then the logical, over-analytical guy steps up and asks: 1. How much do those scuba divers get for cleaning the tank? Do they pay them hourly – because at approx. 10 meters depth, they shouldn’t stay under for too […]

Raising the Roof

Viagra onlineXanax onlineAdderall onlineLevitratramadol online I spent five hours on the north beam – aka “The Wall” last Saturday. Dren was on the south beam – aka “The Other Wall.” Me, the beam, thin air, 25+ ft up, setting the trusses as they swung, shook, squeaked, shifted and leaned. Dren kept saying, “That East Gable […]

Babey Abey Likes to Hike

viagra onlineXANAXadderall onlineLevitraPuppies for sale Feeling that there wouldn’t be many more Sunday afternoons of fair weather, Babey Abey saddled up his Papa and invited his best friends (Balboa, Goobah, Bahbear & Wubber) to join him in a jaunt up the nearby mountainside. Mama stayed home to catch up on her Z’s.  

My First Knife Service Holiday Coupon

XANAXADDERALL ONLINELevitraCialis onlinePuppies for sale Dull knives invite dull guests. Sharp knives, you got it, sharp guests. Simple as that.

Elisabeth Ella Anderson, Her Debut In Utero

XANAXADDERALL ONLINELevitraCialis online Don’t ask me how or why babey Abey butted in front of baby Bess, I’m just grateful that she is confirmed for arrival sometime in the middle of May. Here’s a quick preview:


XANAXADDERALL ONLINELevitraAdderall onlineadderall without prescriptionPhentermine onlinetramadol onlinevalium online Before BAPCPA reform and before REFCO filed bankruptcy on little ole me – I wrote the above. It was published in the Deseret News editorial section. It was the first time that my efforts had been published on anything other than my educational “permanent record.” So I framed it […]

Stamp Collectors of the World Unite

Xanax onlineAdderall onlineLevitraviagra without prescriptionadderall onlineadderall without prescriptionPhentermine onlinetramadol onlinevalium online What are these things? If you can tell me, I’ll send you a rock. Not just any rock, a really cool Brian rock. I have webcrawled the infosphere (yep, just made that word up) for an eternity (anything more than 10 minutes is insanity). Oh, and a […]

Elisabeth Ella Anderson

XanaxAdderall onlineLevitra 8 lbs 1 oz. 21.5″ 15:19:26 (3:19 pm) Disposition: “Just happy to be here.” Mother: “Easiest one yet.” Father: “Dr. Farley is an extraordinary talent, -couldn’t have done it without him.” YOU: (click the ‘Comments’ link and ink it)

4 am footage

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The Trek Hat Fitted with Stampede Strings

Adderall onlineLevitra With the coveted green rock in the center, Balboa’s pioneer trek hat lacked only one thing – Stampede strings. You know, those leather straps that extend down through the hat and below the jaw to keep the wind from blowing it off (most of the time). Not an easy modification, but a necessary […]

My Little Ice Breakers

Mea and Bear

I was browsing through the photo updates from pop-in-law and this one just jumped out at me. I was surprised to notice how closely they resemble each other. They both have the same sweet cheek bones and possibly the same nose. Who thinks that Darlene looks young enough to be Sarah’s mom? I do. My […]

Everyone says he looks more like Kym…

My mom says he has my eyes. We need to get this settled. Click the “Comments” link just below this post and share your observations.  Thanks!